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VILLA RIEDMILLER - freehand perspective drawing

VILLA RIEDMILLER - existing post-war Kleinwohnhaus

Type: Single-family house
Client: Private
Site: Hillside plot 987 m2
Size: House 247 m2 + Carport 36 m2 + Kleinwohnhaus 43 m2
Location: Würzburg, Germany
Status: Comission 2021, building permission pending 2021
Team: Studio Karanka, baubüro Arndt2, PolarLifeHaus

Villa Riedmiller is located on a steep hillside facing a beautiful panorama of the valley below. A tiny post-war house from 1959 is still standing on the plot and it will preserved as part of the site history and culture. Now the descendants of the original family decided to have a single-family house designed in Nordic Style and to be built out of Finnish wood. The new Villa follows the frontline of the original Kleinwohnhaus and the ground floor is planned on the same level in respect to the silent knowledge of earlier builder generations. The new building will be constructed of massive Finnish wood, and the roof will covered with 157 m2 of green in order to compensate for the ground area lost by construction.

VILLA LUSI - part of the building permission drawing

VILLA LUSI - view of the lakeside location

Type: Lakeside vacation villa
Client: Private
Site: Lakeside plot 11 000 m2 (land 8670 m2, water 2330 m2)
Size: Villa 255 m2 + Garage 39 m2 + Lakeside sauna 56 m2
Location: Hattula, Finland
Status: Comission 2020, building permission pending 2021
Team: Studio Karanka

Villa Lusi is located by Lake Vanajavesi, Finland. The family purchased an old settlement building that used to function as a summer holiday camp for girls. Over time they have renewed and renovated with love and care the 1960s building as their lakeside vacation villa with a sauna right by the water. Now the owners wished for further renovations inside the main building, extensive outdoor terraces and a new garage. All the buildings are made out of wood, and most of the renovation and construction work is done by the family themselves.

VILLA LEONARD - 3D-model rendering of the new Modules

VILLA LEONARD - original 1960s single-family house

Type: Additions to an existing 1960s single-family house
Client: Private
Site: Hillside plot 1078 m2
Size: House 275 m2 + Modules 48 m2 + Garage 50 m2
Location: Würzburg, Germany
Status: Comission 2020, building permission approved 2020, under construction 2021
Team: Studio Karanka, TRAGRAUM, baubüro Arndt2, PolarLifeHaus

Villa Leonard is a co-created architecture project to design new additions (Modules) to an existing 1960s single-family house. The basic concept is to imagine the House as a Mothership to which all the new Modules dock in various ways. The challenges are multitude: How to design in various microcontexts using massive pre-cut wood, and at the same time take into account the balance between old and new parts that form the new entity without loosing the beauty of the original House. The Modules include Papillon (Butterfly) as the childrens playroom, Diner with an all-around window & skylight, Bibliothek (Library) with a 180° view to the garden and Gartenhaus (Nest) as a creative space for writing. The Garage is designed as a sidekick to the House and Modules: Out of wood, low in scale and all façades in green colour.

Type: Experimental prototype
Client: Studio Karanka
Size: 1,54 m2
Location: Würzburg, Germany
Status: Idea 2019, Design 2020, Prototype 2021
Team: Studio Karanka, PolarLifeHaus

HORNA (Hell in Finnish) is an experimental prototype for a Hell Hot Balcony Sauna for two saunanauts. This tiny sauna is made out of 70 x 132 mm full-timber block wood from Finland and transported to Germany as a space filler at the back of transport truck carrying a bigger pre-fabricated log house. The door, windows, benches, and details are selfmade on site to give individual character to the final look. The stove is electric (230V), and it can be plug-and-played to a standard electric outlet. The prototype is a hybrid design combining high-tech, ready-made and DIY.

Type: Comission
Client: Stiftung Helga Schott c/o Juliusspital Stiftung Würzburg
Size: 6 apartments
Location: Würzburg, Germany
Status: Comission 2016, building permission approved 2021
Team: Studio Karanka & Matthias Braun (FIN-GER Architecture)

The Mühlenhof project is a design with complexity and contradiction. It is multilevelled housing inspired by the medieval buildings and their varied architectural styles, and totally modern apartments with open floor spaces allowing the users to decide on the usage of their own spaces. The apartments are on three levels, with the studio/shop/office on the ground floor, living, cooking, dining on the first floor and sleeping on the top floor. The individual apartments are housed behind two different styled white metal facades thus offering a play between form and function, views and windows as well as breaking up the logic of "reading" what's behind the face of the building.
Another level of design is related to the urban context. A brand new passage connection is opened throught the small inside courtyard between the frontside main street and a pictoresque backalley. This complex mix between public, semi-public, semi-private and private places is continued in front of all the entrances to the individual apartments as a stoep, where the inhabitants can place thier own green plants, benches, etc.

Type: Collaboration project with Jäcklein Architekten
Client: Town of Rottendorf
Size: Old railway station + new multipurpose hall
Location: Rottendorf, Germany
Status: Competition 2015, design 2019, building permission approved 2021
Team: Jäcklein Architekten, Studio Karanka & Matthias Braun

Town of Rottendorf arranged an architectural competition for the renewal of their railway station in 2015. After winning the competition, Jäcklein Architekten was comissioned to do the architectural designs for the renovation of the existing station and for a new multipurpose hall. The modern and minimalistic extension presents an exposed concrete facade imprinted with the image of the orginal Rottendorf locomotive towards the tracks. This composition between old and new will give identity to the station and town which is highly visible to the train travellers on the main line between Frankfurt and München.

Type: Invited competition
Client: Juliusspital Stiftung Würzburg
Size: 8000 m2
Location: Würzburg, Germany
Status: Idea 2019
Team: Studio Karanka, Matthias Braun & Norbert Geisel

This invited architectural competiton searched for a new building design housing medical services, offices and residential apartments to the city district of Hubland, Würzburg. Our proposal was based on contextual structuralism, where the medical services were located in a cross-shaped white glass building (Remedium), offices in a local muschelkalk-stone terraced building (Weinberg) and housing in wooden buildings (Holzvilette). The structured order of spaces provided plenty of flexibility for changes in user preferences while the references to local materials and landscapes of surrounding vineyards bound the new buildings to the Würzburgian genius loci.

SAUNA S1| Würzburg | Germany | 2017 | Studio Karanka, Matthias Braun & Kasimir Karanka
Sauna S1 for two persons designed and built out of EUR-palettes (1200 x 800 mm) at Bürgerbräu Old Brewery.

LUX | Pirkkala | Finland | 2010-2013 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Single-family house on an artificial landfill by Lake Pyhäjärvi.

FOTONI | Tampere | Finland | 2010-2012 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Single-family house designed and built to the Housing Fair 2012 in Tampere.

MÄNTYLÄ HOUSE | Tampere | Finland | 2009-2011 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Single-family house on a long and narrow suburban site for a professional ice hockey player.

DYFÄT | Leppälahti | Finland | 2007-2011 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Lakeside vacation villa made out of pre-cut massive wood blocks.

ARCUS | Lempäälä | Finland | 2006-2011 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Single-family house in the countryside with curving walls made out of Finnish wood.

SORJONEN HOUSE | Pirkkala | Finland | 2005-2008 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Single-family house with extensive terraces and two saunas.

NOKI sauna | Helsinki | Finland | 2005-2006 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Small sauna extension made out of Finnish wood.

VERSTA | Tampere | Finland | 2003-2008 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Single-family house with curving concerete walls and sunny terrace out of wood.

TAIPALE HOUSE | Vantaa | Finland | 2002-2008 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Single-family house with a courtyard garden.

ARVAJA HOUSE | Tampere | Finland | 2000-2007 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Single-family house on a small hillside site for a professional ice hockey player.

PENTTI HOUSE | Teisko | Finland | 2000-2003 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Lakeside vacation villa made out of pre-cut massive wooden blocks.

SALKOLAHTI HOUSE | Kangasala | Finland | 1999-2004 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Single-family house designed for a family to build themselves. Prize for Best Building 2004.

VINOKAS | Lempäälä | Finland | 1994-1995 | Atelier Karanka
Wilderness atelier for a ceramic artist built out of one-meter thick adobe walls in the middle of a dense forest.

WALL HOUSE | Kangasala | Finland | 1985-1987 | Atelier Karanka
Single-family house with 30-meter long curving brick wall and a glass roof kitchen.

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