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AURORA | Würzburg | Germany | 2019 | Studio Karanka
Interior design in Nordic style for a private apartment in a 1960s residential building. White walls with a Pacific Blue accent, German full oak furniture combined with Finnish design and lamps by Alvar Aalto, Eero Aarnio and Sekto.

FIN-GER | Würzburg | Germany | 2014-2015 | Studio Karanka & Matthias Braun
Concept, brand and interiro design for FIN-GER Finnish-German Concept Store in a 3 meter wide and 4 meter high shared creative space at Bürgerbräu Old Brewery.

ROMULUS | Helsinki | Finland | 2014 | Studio Karanka
Interior design in monochromatic style for a private residence in a 1920s courtyard residential building.

NEMO | Helsinki | Finland | 2013 | Studio Karanka
Interior design for a ground floor apartment in a Jugend Style residential building by architect Sigurd Frosterus.

TIETO | Tampere | Finland | 2008-2009 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Monochromatic, multistorey bookshop interior for the Building Information Ltd (Rakennustieto).

ORIGAMI | Tampere | Finland | 1996-1997 | Atelier Karanka
Metsä-Serla Neopack factory marketing and exhibition spaces made out of corrugated cardboard.

URRILA | Tampere | Finland | 1986-1988 | Atelier Karanka
Interior design and renovation in original Jugend Style for a private residence.

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