STUDIO | Würzburg | Germany | 2015-
Sketch for a shared creative studio in a 3 meter wide and 4 meter high space at Bürgerbräu Old Brewery.

STUDIO | Würzburg | Germany | 2015-
Private practice Studio Karanka in former Horse Stables at Bürgerbräu Old Brewery.

ACADEMIC WORK | Aalto University | Finland | 2000-2012
Full-tilme Lecturer and Ph.D Researcher for Urban Planning at the Faculty of Architecture by Alvar Aalto.

ATELJEE | Tampere | Finland | 1999-2016
Private practice ArkkitehtuuriAteljee Karanka & Tamminen based in former womens sauna at Amurinlinna Estate from 1950s.

STUDIES | Tampere University of Technology | Finland | 1983-1999
Studies for Master in Science of Architecture with Distinction at the Department of Architecture housed in a converted old textile factory in downtown Tampere.

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