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Villa S and Florida Project under way in 2023
update 2023-06-20

This year is turning out to be pretty busy with interesting new projects. A group of North Americans from Miami, Florida (USA) have asked for a rooftop housing design in order to develop their property in the historic town center of Wertheim in Germany, and another family commissioned the Studio for a study of Villa S to be made of their hillside plot with a beautiful garden and an existing old house. These are just a few projects on the "kitchen table" being prepared for fresh delivery.

Monday Home Studio
update 2015-01-01

According to architect Mies van der Rohe, "Monday is not a good day for architecture." Since 2015, Monday has been reserved for Reading & Research at the Home Studio, which is full of life, colour and airborne action! There are four masked lovebirds (Agapornis personatus) flying free, discovering places, and taking part in ongoing research into anarchitecture - architecture without architects.

Studio Karanka
update 2015-01-01

Studio Karanka is housed at the former Horse Stables of Bürgerbräu Old Brewery in Würzburg, Germany. The whitewalled space is 3 meters wide and 4 meters high, and serves as a creative co-working community for sharing ideas and projects. Since 2015, all the designs have been done either here or at the Monday Home Studio.

Aalto University
update 2012-09-01

For twelve years (2000-2012) Juhani Karanka held the position of Full-time Lecturer for Urban Planning & Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the Aalto University in Finland. The academic period included PhD research work and teaching of basic and advanced Courses for students of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, traffic planning, landsurveying, urban geography, industrial design, philosophy and psychology. The higher education teaching for interdisciplinary teamworking was based on PBL-methods (problem-based learning), and it was rewarded with several best practice prizes awards.

ArkkitehtuuriAteljee Karanka & Tamminen
update 2016-12-31

The private practice of ArkkitehtuuriAteljee Karanka & Tamminen was based in former womens' sauna building at the Amurinlinna Estate designed by the Finnish architect Erik Bryggman in 1950s. The "Ateljee" was active for seventeen years (1999-2016), working on private houses, interiors, exhibitions, urban designs and art for private, public and corporate clients in Finland. After 2016 the "Ateljee" was dissolved and the active architectural & urban design work continues as Studio Karanka.

Master in Science of Architecture with Distinction
update 1999-08-25

Academic and professional studies in Architecture took sixteen years (1983-1999) to complete. In reality the active study time was nine years, as in between life intervened in the form of parenthood, economic depression, and designing commissioned buildings or working in architectural offices. Finally managed to make my Master in Science of Architecture (and to graduate with Distinction) at the Department of Architecture at the Tampere University of Technology TUT. The Master Degree included two majors; one in urban planning and one in public building design.

As far as it is known, this is the only architect, who managed to graduate from a University by making a doll's house and coining the motto: "Form Follows Fun."

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