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Remember DEAD ARCHITECTS Calendar | Würzburg | Germany | 2021
Little research project in remembering interesting architects who have challenged the paradigm of their time and circumstances, and created something unique for us to admire and wonder. The architects' dates of deaths are in focus and give rhythm throughout the 12-months of the year. You can celebrate your favourite architect by raising a glass in memory of his or hers achievements, or see who passed away on your birthday. The research is published as an A4-sized, horizontal wall calendar with text and colour images. If you are interested in purchasing one (or more), please be in contact.

micro-midi-macro | Würzburg | Germany | 2019-2021
Research project into the creative spaces of architects in and around Würzburg. The results of the interviews and photo shoots will be published in a limited edition in 2021. Above photograph was taken at the Jäcklein Architekten in Volkach on 27 March 2019, and shows the loft in the main studio space with a grand view to the local vineyards.

Play, Creativity, Architecture 1:1 | Tampere University of Technology | Finland | 25.08.1999
Master in Science of Architecture at the Department of Architecture. This thesis is a sketch for a theory of meta-architecture and search for the Beginning of Architecture. Architecture is approached from the aspects of play and creativity by using both scientific and artistic methods. Thesis contains six written essays about play, creativity and architecture, as well as three built architectural objects. Together they manifest how architecture is born in play. As a combination of art and science, architecture is a cultural phenomenon. The Culture of Architecture contains the possibility for infinitive subcultures - many architectures. The complexity of architecture is the combination of imagination and reality, chaos and order. form follows fun

a-game | Tampere | Finland | 1988-1989 | Juhani Karanka & Jukka Järvinen
Architectural game invented for Playing and De-Constructing Architecture. Prize for Best Academic Work at the Tampere University of Technology.

TRASH | Tampere | Finland | 1988-1989 | Juhani Karanka
Conceptual study for how to design & build into a very narrow (2-meter wide) gap between two existing buildings on the main street of Tampere. Ground floor is open for a passage, first floor is an upcycled U-boot, second floor a locomotive and third floor a vintage aeroplane.

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