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Type: Competition
Client: City of Tampere
Size: 164 000 m2
Location: Tampere, Finland
Status: Idea 2019
Team: Juhani Karanka, Yvonne Beck & Daniel Dahinten

Viinikanlahti International Urban Ideas Competition. Urban design concept for 3500 inhabitants living and working in hybrid-use WoodScrapers in car-free environmentonon the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi.

Type: Collaboration project with archicult GmbH
Client: City of Würzburg
Size: 297 meters long backalley
Location: Würzburg, Germany
Status: Workshop 2015, research study 2016
Team: Studio Karanka & archicult GmbH

City of Würzburg comissioned an urban public participation workshop to look into the problems and possibilities of developing the narrow backalley in the city centre. The Innerer Graben is a 297 meters long backalley that varies in width between 5,86 to 10,70 meters. The results of the interactive workshop proved that the backalley was overrun by private cars, trashbins and traffic, leaving hardly any space for the inhabitants or urban green. The research study, made by using Kevin Lynch's and Jan Gehl's pragmatic theories on urbanism, documented the outcome and laid out future scenarios for further development of Innerer Graben as one of the most attractive pedestrian-green alleyways in Würzburg.

Type: Comission
Client: City of Kuopio
Size: 104 000 m2
Location: Kuopio, Finland
Status: Master Plan 2012-2013
Team: Juhani Karanka & team at SITO Consulting Company

Wood Diamonds is the Kuikkalampi-Lehtorinne Master Plan for over 2000 inhabitants living and working in wooden buildings in the heart of nature at the Saaristokaupunki in Kuopio. The Master Plan was made at the SITO Consulting Company in an interdisciplinary team made up of urban planners, architects, landscape architects, traffic and enviromental engineers. The approach was to preserve the Nordic nature, especially the endangered flying squirrel colonies, and plan all construction in areas with minimum impact on nature.

Type: Competition
Client: City of Vaasa
Size: 172 700 m2
Location: Vaasa, Finland
Status: Idea 2013
Team: Juhani Karanka, Jari Lantiainen, Matti Kaijansinkko & Antti Luutonen

Urban Planning Ideas Competition to the former horse racing track in Vaasa. Human scale urban housing with car-free pedestrian pathways became one of the core ideas for this competition proposal. The white highrise building acts as the landmark and wayfinding symbol for the dense and low wooden housing area.

Type: Competition
Client: City of Mikkeli
Size: 277 100 m2
Location: Mikkeli, Finland
Status: Idea 2012
Team: Juhani Karanka & team at SITO Consulting Company

Urban Planning Ideas Competition to Satamalahti Bay Area in Mikkeli. This proposal contained multiple ideas for urban living by the freash water lake, including a LivingLab area for tiny houses and floating homes.

Type: Competition
Client: City of Hämeenlinna
Size: 172 700 m2
Location: Hämeenlinna, Finland
Status: Idea 2006-2007
Team: Juhani Karanka & Jari Lantiainen

Ideas Competition for the Urban Structure of the South Shore of Hämeenlinna Town Centre. The competition program requested for a variety of housing typologies, extensive ammount of office spaces, sports and recreation facilities and outdoor areas, shopping malls, parking structures, and a new central bus station.

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